In an ideal world this website wouldn’t exist, a client would acknowledge the importance of having web copy before the design starts. Needless to say it’s very important, content is king and people are beginning to understand that. However, back over in reality some project schedules and budgets don’t allow for web copy to be written before the design phase.


We’re here to help, we’ve written examples of web copy for over 40 industries for you to use at concept phase of your projects to bring a little life and realism to your designs and help you think about who and what you are designing for. We want clients and designers alike to think about their design and how it will work with the web copy.


About Me


My name is Amir Khademi, an e-Learning Developer specialising in front-end content production, with experience of delivering responsive web design and development, animation, user interface solutions, video production and training workshops within the Higher Education sector.

I graduated from the Zand University of Shiraz in September 2014 with First Class Honours in (BA) Software engineering.

I spend my days crafting websites and creating Graphic designs. I work for all size of companies from small local businesses right up to huge international brands like Siemens. I’ve just spent 1 years living in Germany. I speak, read and write very basic Deutsch. I moved back to the Iran in September 2010 and am now settled in Shiraz.

I’m constantly learning web technologies and other design related topics, currently playing around with React Native, JavaScript and JQuery. I’m a skilled in many areas of design and development.

I’m always open to exciting new job opportunities, with my Curriculum Vitae available on request. Please get in touch, it would be great to hear from you.

Some of my skills include:

  • PHP, MySQL
  • WordPress
  • Opencart E-commerce platform
  • Working with JQuery plugins
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Bootstrap and Foundation frameworks
  • Joomla
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Indesign
  • Social Network Marketing
  • Social Network Branding
  • and much more…
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